How to Clear Acne

How to clear acne? is a common question thought by almost everyone especially those in teenage. For male or female, young or adult, and other people whose age is older than thirty five years old. It seems that everyone disputes about this kind of matter.

The fact is that everyone wants to have a fair, smooth, bright and flawless skin face as it is seen as the ideal of “beauty” in the society since the period of Cleopatra. That is why people always look for how to clear acne. Many researchers and dermatologists state that the medical treatments are the best way to decrease acnes from the skin face.

Many believe that how to clear acne from the surface of one’s visage can be done through traditional ways. It can use herbal plants and such in order to make them feel perfect and beautiful without the appearance of acnes. Until today, how to clear acne is still commonly asked, that is why many medical treatment center are built all over the world to provide the best treatments of how to clear acne.

However, can we clear acnes on the face conventionally? Of course we can. There are many natural, entrusted treatments of how to clear acne. And, you can do them all by yourself.

How to Clear Acne Question Popping Up in Teenage

The word “Acne” is adapted from the Greek akme, which literally means “point” orHow to Clear Acne “edge”, in the sense of a “skin eruption”. Acne, or acnes in plural term, or can also be called acne vulgaries, is actually a common skin disease in human. In medical term, the occurrence of acnes is caused by the development of the result of blockages in the follicles that contains a hair and an oil gland.

The sebum (a microcomedo) and keratin form a plug and together with hyperkeratinization, they make the earliest change of acne. The microcomedo or sebum are is possible to form an open comedo which is popularly known as blackheads and closed comedo which is popularly known as milia.

When the sebum is clogged with naturally occurred oil and dead skin cells, the result is inflammatory lesions infected pustules or nodules, and papules on the skin of the face that leads to the redness and result scars on the face. In other words, acne occurs because of the tiny holes, which are commonly called “pores”, of the skin of the face is clogged.

As it is mentioned just before, acnes can occur in almost all the people of all ages. It seems like age is not a matter for acnes to blossom on the skin of the face. Although most the sufferers of acnes are teenagers, acnes apparently also happen to adults above 20 years old.

For some women, acnes also occur during pregnancy and menopause. Nevertheless, the occurrence of acne is unusual for a fully grown adult, or you can say it is just less severe than the teenagers. Because the acne is emotionally hard to clear and possible to cause scarring, how to clear acnes are developed from time to time, so that people of all ages can enjoy having a perfect, pretty, and flawless face.

Before learning furthermore about how to clear acne from the facial skin, we will be better to know what specifically cause acnes to occur. The cause of acnes is various. The most popular cause of acnes is hormonal activity. Acnes can happen because of puberty as well as menstrual cycles.

Puberty of girls begins at ages 10 to 11, while puberty for boys averagely begins at ages 11 to 12. Complete puberty of girls is at age 15 to 17, while the boys are at age 16 to 17. In addition to the puberty, girls averagely get menstruation at the age of 12 to 14. In those mentioned times of puberty, hormonal activity increases and several hormones are linked to acne.

Genetics is one of the causes of acnes. How to clear acne that occurs genetically is the most difficult, because the tendency for acnes to grow runs in family lines. Not only that, another occurrence of acnes can be caused by psychological reason, infection and even diet.

There are many kinds of acnes that can occur on the skin of the face, such as the white head, black head, pimple, cryst, postules, and many other kinds. White head occurs when the top of the plug is white. Black head occurs when the plug is dark. Pimple or zit occurs when the plug breaks open.

And then cryst is a kind of acne that occurs deep in the skin that is hard and painful. However, there are only some of those mentioned acnes above that become the most common acnes occurring as the disease on the skin, which are: pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. We are going to reveal what are those three means, and also tips and tricks of how to clear acne fast without having any expensive medical treatment.

How to Clear Acne in the Form of Pimples

Pimples are acne in the form of pus-filled and raised bumps on the skin. The size of pimples is different from one to another. Pimples occur in the areas such as face, upper part of the chest and the back. Even though the research says that pimples are usually decreasing or even disappearing in the age of 25, many adults older than that mentioned ages still suffer pimples, making how to clear acne especially pimples is a bit confusing.

The first step of how to clear acne, especially pimples without going to facial or any medical treatment is to find the reason of why the pimples keep coming back. The natural remedy of how to clear acne is better be chosen from this step. For the home remedy of how to clear acne especially pimples, you can try mixing a teaspoon of lemon juice or honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and turn it into a paste. After that, you can use it as a masker and apply it onto the pimples regularly to get rid of the pimples.

How to Clear Acne in the Form of White Heads

How to Clear AcneWhite heads, or commonly known as closed comedomes, can also be considered as pimples. White heads are white and raised bumps which are caused by the excessive oil and skin in pores. It is another type of acnes that annoys almost everyone in all ages. White heads occur because of the sebum that blocks the pores or follicles.

This makes a bacterium grows and furthermore forms a microcomedone. People usually consider white heads as one of kinds of acnes that are difficult to omit, so the common treatments of how to clear acne especially white heads chosen by most of the sufferers are medical treatments that are sometimes addictive.

Whereas, the natural treatment for white heads is actually available, and it is rather easy to be done. As a substitute for your medical treatments, you can use aloe vera to reduce or even omit white heads on your skin surface. Of how to clear acne especially white heads is pretty simple.

All you need to do is to cut the leaf so that the clear gel will be spilled out. Then, remove the yellow latex residue from the leaf, and dip your finger into the clear gel. You can directly apply it onto the withe heads. By doing so regularly, your face will be clean from any white heads.

How to Clear Acne in the Form of Black Heads

Same as other types of acnes, blackheads are a small plug in the opening of the follicle on the skin that causes tiny and dark spots. The occurrence of black heads is also supported by many factors such as environment or physical changes, for example: pollution, exposure to sunlight, heredity, dirt, stress, climatic variation, excessive oil, bacterial infection, and even cosmetics. Black heads are found on the face, especially around the nose, and back.

Of how to clear acne, especially to get rid of blackheads, there are various ways you can try. How to clear acne like black heads are actually not far too different from how to clear acne from other types, such as applying aloe vera, making a masker from lemon and honey, and even using toothbrush to clear it. However, one way that is recommended is using honey. The step is easy: just pouring a small amount of honey on your fingers then, start patting the surface which has black heads on it. The honey will stick to the blackheads in the pores, and pull it out as the fingers are removed as well.

The most simple step, which at the same time is also the hardest to do, is to not squeezing acnes. Squeezing acnes can make deeper infection on the skin and lead to acne scars. You can also compress your skin surface with a frozen ice pack. It will help to disparage your pores and prevent more oils and bacteria from spreading and causing worse acnes. Besides, in short, how to clear acne is quite easy, and by doing these tips and tricks regularly, it is sure that you will have the fair, smooth, bright and flawless skin face as you wish.

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